The “Category” shows 10 listings but I only see 4 listed when I click the link, what’s up?

“Categories” shows the number of listings in our databsbase. You need to select either the specific city or “All Cities” in the dropdown box in the menu bar.


Do the providers listed pay for their listings and reviews?

  • Yes and no.  All providers have a basic listing.  If they choose to do so, they may enhance their listing with further descriptions, videos, web-links, special offers and the like. Those are paid services.

Why do you moderate your comments?

  • It is our policy to moderate all comments for appropriateness.  We have no intent to block comments either positive or negative about a particular practice or service, however, we intend to keep the reviews on a constructive rather than destructive plane.  If we flag your review as “inappropriate” we will contact you and let you know our thoughts.

I had a bad experience with a provider, should I post a negative review?

  • See above  about moderating comments.