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1950 Laurel Manor Dr, #204
The Villages, FL 32162

Hours of Operation:
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8-5 Mon & Wed
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Phone: 352-259-0024


Dr TheeckDr. John C. Theeck, D.C. is a board certified Chiropractic Physician who has dedicated himself to correcting abnormal posture through cutting edge neuromuscular re-education. After earning his undergraduate at Eastern Michigan University in Sports Medicine he continued his passion for health and wellness by earning his doctorate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Post Graduated Dr. Theeck underwent training with some of the top chiropractors in the U.S..

The Villages has always been a second home to Dr. Theeck, visiting his grandparents on holidays and summer vacations, he fell in love with and knew he wanted to dedicate his life to helping The Villages’ community. In 2010, Dr. Theeck finally had the honor to call The Villages home by opening his own practice in Laurel Manor.

Dr. Theeck has a passion for serving Good and has incorporated that passion into his practice by instructing “the power that made the body heals the body”. Dr. Theeck has helped thousands of patients, some as young as a few hours old to his eldest, a centenarian. His devotion to health and wellness has allowed Dr. Theeck to travel internationally treating many professional athletes and multiple mission trips to Haiti to treat thousands of unfortunate natives.

Dr. Theeck treatments focus on corrective care and neuromuscular programs developed by NASA. These treatments are not limited to neck and back pain improvement, but also to help improve bone density, circulation, arthritis, lymphatic drainage, muscular strength, scoliosis and dowager humps. Legacy Clinic is dedicated to using state-of-the-art therapy to correct the cause of each patient’s problems, not merely to mask them or cover them up. Dr. Theeck’s goal is to educate his patients, and help them understand the cause of their problems so they can correct that cause and function at 100 percent. When Dr. Theeck’s patients finish their treatments the walk away with the knowledge of how to take care of their body.